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Why India changed my enthusiasm?

Since I can remember, India was always at the top of my travel bucket list. When I was asked where in the world I would like to have traveled to, India was always my first choice.

India’s wide and diverse range of nations varies from region to region, and from community to community. The flow of the rural life though out India was always a thought that excited me. Although, my dream destination was not one to be known as popular amongst many. Im confident in defending one of the few areas of the world who can claim an artistic heritage comparable to India’s artistic perception.

Words don’t justify the dedication and overflowing faith many nations in India devote to making all that is created by hand a symbol of being. Its something I carry with me every time I make anything. If you don’t have a purpose to expand an idea, then don’t even bother. When something is made with intentions of love it will always be appreciated.

India’s spirit in creating and completing every task within anything artistic is something that has always been cultivated in my mind, as a pure act of true faith. I long for the day to return, but till then I share with you a few moments that made me fall for every element this exquisite place had to offer me.

Demi Francesca xo.