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What will be.

Everyone has a past, whether you’re engraved with sweet childhood memories, or you’ve been scarred by your past traumas. Whatever the case may be, living in the past is one thing we depend on.
We relive bad experiences and analyse what went wrong and we also try to re-enact the happiest moments we’ve been through to see if we can achieve those ‘feel good’ emotions again. It could be considered an addiction, falling back on memories that made us feel a certain way, although it’s a craving that can drive us to the urge of total disruption.
Comparison is the biggest thief. It makes us feel deprived and totally incapable of achieving our true full potential. Whether you’re comparing your life to others around you, or comparing where you are now to where you’ve been before, it all comes down to the same thing…learning to see matters as they are in the moment we experience them, rather than replaying or relating to past cases in our life. ‘We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.’ Boom. I mean, how does this justify us as humans so accurately? Are we actually all at certain stages in our life or just in our minds?
The answer to all this is pretty straight forward to me. Personally, I’d like to share that this has been a task I haven’t been able to tackle easily; I’ve held on to a lot of ‘what was’ as the years grew and my mind didn’t. I was always stuck on what I could have done to change situations, or how situations could be different had I done them the way I truly wanted to at that time.
Control. Having everything go accordingly in our life is an instinct we all share. What if the past nor present don’t exist at all. How would we think of life accordingly then? What kind of person would you be, if all that mattered was the person you are in this moment? Who would you be? Would you live by dark times and live a fragile life full of fear? Would you compare all the good you’ve had to all the great you’ve got? Is everything we reminisce about or aim for, something that separates us from living in the now?
Live every moment as if a new opportunity is being given to us.
Demi Francesca xo.