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True Colours.

Objects producing different sensations to the eye as a result of the way it reflects or radiates light.

That’s something that was grasped on the first attempt of creating an image with model, Jemma Rocca a couple of years back.

Introducing more women to the shot was an enticing idea as it was promoting more than one approach to colour.

Are we all seeing the same colours though, or are we becoming blind to colour? Are we being true to our pigmentation? Are we forging our opinions based on what we think we should be painting our lives with?

Honestly, these questions are difficult to answer and even more so, if we were to all be one colour. So really, we all have our own unique way of seeing different hues.

Is being afraid to let our colours show, a common concern? Are we actually the colours we hide rather than what we show?

Beyond words, colours shout, but what I can’t seem to get over is why we repaint what we see so blatantly. A rainbow is a wonderful example of nature fusing colour after a storm, yet we can’t fuse our diversity of colour together as one.

Flying colours could be the most beautiful sight yet, connecting as one. Tying our true colours to be a rainbow of possibilities.

Demi Francesca xo.