How did this holiday of love and romance originate?

Are we celebrating this occasion correctly ? Or are we analyzing the store shelves for the perfect gift or/and card for our loved ones as we feel we have to ?

Lovers and the greeting card industry may have Geoffrey Chaucer (the most imaginative of his literary circle) to thank for the holiday that warms the coldest month. The earliest description of the tradition may occur in Chaucer’s Parliment of Foules, composed around 1380, which takes place on Saint Valentines day.

We begin to find the first clear reference to a tradition relating romantic love on the 14th of February on the day which the birds return in the very early days of spring, to choose their mates.

According to Hallmark, more than 163 million cards are exchanged. Thats crazy! And it’s not just an American phenomenon. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Italy and Denmark.

So what does this mean for us, are we celebrating a day that has been implemented on us by the world of materialism or is there much more to this particular holiday that inspires us to spend our cash on the same few items that are expected each and every year.

Another question that comes to mind constantly is, if your not in a romantic relationship you are not worthy of celebrating? Honestly what is that about? We should see this as a day of sharing love for one another as an opportunity to show those arounds us how grateful we are for having them in our lives. Parents, siblings, grandparents, pets, friends or/and neighbours should see this day as a chance to give back to those who love us all year round. We need to understand celebrating such a positive occasion should be promoted with everyone not just our other half.

Happy Valentines Day <3

Demi Francesca xo.


Photography – Noah Yeo, Max Lewis Desoisa, Charlene Figueras

Makeup by Nyree Chipolina

Props – Philippa Shaw

Models – Natalia Nunez/Demi Francesca