How does it feel to follow ones intuition to fly ?

Do we get to sense the talent before accomplishing it ?

When it comes to movement, whether its alongside equipment or using your own body as a tool whatever the sport, it makes you feel alive, awake and totally conscious about your surroundings.

The more developed your influence for brilliance is, the higher you soar. Dreaded fears will only make you heavy and unable to rise, but aspiring for progress is the only way forward. Looking back at what was and what it could have been will never triumph.

Dreaming through actions is a gift many wish they could comprehend but those who are chosen to touch hearts, will forever impact generations to come.

Passion is the result to all great achievement, forget technique for a moment. Whether artist, athlete or dreamer the capability to want to fly is much more courageous than any careless talent.

Demi Francesca xo.


Dancer/Model – Jonathan Lutwyche

Photographer – Danny Bosio