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Understanding Dazed & Confused.

1. How long have you been running events for?

Going on 4 years now, our first Dazed & Confused was in December 2014. But we first got involved in the scene back in the Leeds days circa 2008/2009, we would do some promo work on social media for nights our mates used to run, and also the odd flyering gig here and there.

2. How big do you plan on making Dazed & Confused?

Dazed & Confused was just supposed to be a one off party, even we were shocked by the reaction we got, so we just rolled with it, and it’s had a snowball effect, it just kept on growing at an exponential rate. Who knows where this will end up, I heard this a while back and really liked it, feel it’s appropriate here “don’t tell me the sky’s the limit, when there footprints on the moon”

3. What do you look for in a team when working for you in an event?

The key point when looking for someone is making sure there on the same frequency as us, that they understand our vision, and share the passion that we have for we what do. Another point is we want people who are doers, because there really isn’t a lot of supervision, tasks are set and we trust that the people we have will get them done. Funnily enough half of our current team approached us, instead of vice versa, when contacting us they showed the passion we were looking for, so took them onboard.

4. How many events do you plan per year?

We don’t have a number, we take on opportunities that we feel are good, where we can do something that we really believe in. Towards the beginning of Dazed & Confused we did monthly parties, but we weren’t really happy with the outcome of some of them, so we decided to scrap that idea, and only throw parties that we felt tick all the boxes.

5. What do you search for when choosing a venue for an event?

Unfortunately in Gibraltar we are not really spoilt for choice, in the past we’ve used what we can, we’ve thrown parties in almost every club or place that will have us. Ideally we would like it to be unique location, with nice views and surroundings, and cater for a good capacity. Unfortunately till today we haven’t be able to find a place like that locally, the Mons Calpe Suite that we’ve used in the past has two of the three, the outdoor parties that we’ve done in the stadium has the capacity, anyone who lives in Gibraltar is used to it, but DJ’s in the past have said its pretty breath taking playing with the rock as a back drop whilst the sun sets into the bay. Our party on June 2nd at the Castillo Sohail i think will be the first time we’ve found a place that covers all the bases.

6. How big of a role does social media play for your event planning or for attracting customers?

It plays a huge role promo wise, easily 90% of our entire PR is done over social media mainly Facebook and Instagram. We’ve spoken to promoters and dj’s who’ve been doing this for years, and they’ve said what a game changer it’s been, it so much easier to make people aware of what you’re doing. Before you it would all need to be done via postering, flyering and word of mouth, although we still do poster and flyer, because we like the idea that there’s something physical you can keep as a memory, I’ve still got a box full of posters and flyers from all my favourite parties I’ve been to since I was 18.

7. How do you manage stress as the date of an event draws near?

It definitely gets easier over the years; it’s basically having everything well planned in advance, trying to leave no details out whilst preparing for the unexpected. But when things go wrong and they always do, it’s coming to the realisation that if something occurs that you have no control over what so ever, don’t even bother stressing about it, just allow it be and enjoy the ride, it’s very hard to do at times, but it’s all you can do, that principle works for life in general.

8. How do you react to most problems you have encountered during an event and what did you do about them?

Thankfully we haven’t really had any major issues, but normally either we solve them or adapt. In our second year in the stadium, our power supply couldn’t handle the load, and everything just turned off, within about a minute we managed to get everything back on and just unhooked everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. On our first year Giles Smith had to cut his set short, because it was so hot his vinyl’s were melting, and unfortunately he only plays vinyl’s, this was one of those instances there was nothing we could do.

9. What was your most successful event as Dazed & Confused?

This is a really hard one, there have been quite a few really good ones. Our most recent on Xmas day in the tercentenary hall was pretty sick, even we had to take a step back and were like wow we’ve actually done this, production for that one was pretty sick. The last party we did up in the Mons Calpe Suite in August 2016 was also something special, everything was right that day; the energy in the room was amazing. Baikal said it was his favourite gigs ever, for us to have an artist of that level say something like about something we’ve done, was a massive compliment.

10. What do you most like about your job? How do you stay motivated when things don’t go as planned?

They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, with this that’s exactly the situation. This isn’t a job, its passion! Who knows how many hours we’ve put it in, how many nights we’ve worked round the clock to get things read for a gig, and then have to work the gig and after party, all the blood, sweat and tears involved, but hey we wouldn’t have it any other way. What is very rewarding when a party is in its peak to just step back a second, a take breath and appreciate what you’ve done. As for staying motivated, for us that’s easy it’s something we love, were always motivated, always looking to take things that step further and make it that bit better.

11. What elements must be considered before an event?

There a lot things that need to be considered, but the three main points to make sure you have a banging party are venue, vibe and sound. If all three of those are on point, you’re in for a success.

12. Where can we find out more on Dazed & Confused?

For now you can follow us on facebook or instagram @dazedandconfusedmusic, also shortly we’ll be launching our website www.dazedandconfusedmusic. We’ve just released the line up for our first gig of the summer at the Castillo Sohail in Fuengirola that’s going to be insane, keep your eyes peeled for what else we’ve got lined up x


To be honest can’t really remember when we first met, but was definitely through mutual friends. Demi was starting her blog and showed interest in what we were doing, we met and discussed how we could collaborate, seeing we both share the idea that art, fashion, music and culture are all interlinked.



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