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Getting to know Threads

I promised myself I’d be honest about my thoughts with THREADS, so I owe it to both Callum & James as well as my audience to tell you the truth. I’ve seen a lot of work go into this outlet, from the beginning of renovations till the moment the shop opened its doors to the public. The passion is unmeasurable and the will to share the latest street trends with Gibraltar is a first. I wish all the best to the two well established individuals, managing to merge what they both represent as people.

1. How did you come up with the name Threads ?

James – Ha, this was probably one of the hardest things to do. We started off with “Fabrics”, i’m so glad we didn’t go with that. We kinda just brain stormed till we landed on Threads. It was a eureka moment. We felt it wouldn’t ‘expire’ or become irrelevant.

2. What defines the purpose of this outlet?

We saw a problem/gap in the market, this is our response.

3. How do you feel about street wear growing into a popular trend ?

Ahhh, the famous buzzword ‘street wear’ . Street wears popularity has definitely increased, which is both good & bad. Fast fashion brands are pumping out recycled looks like no tomorrow, which comes with it’s own environmental issues. Even luxury brands are having a go. However, street wear isn’t a new concept. It’s just the cash cow of the moment. We’ve seen an increase in online media outlets – they’re really pushing this whole idea that street wear is something new, and ‘trendy’.

4. Who is your target audience?

Hm. Hard to say. We’re popular with people who live abroad.

5. Define what role everyone involved with Threads has?

Threads is Callum’s and mine master piece. I source the clothes, thats about the only set role we have. We kinda just do whatever is needed at the time.

6. How would you describe the vibe of your outlet in three words?

Ah that is a hard question! Unique? I’m not sure about the other two, i don’t want to repeat mysellf! Errrr maybe niche? But i think unique encompasses the vibe of the store well!

7. What ideas do you have in store for us ?

I don’t want to give away too much – but we’ll be hosting work shops very soon. We could be seeing some Threads merch, thats about as much as i can say for now.
8. What are the brands that sell out the most?

Supreme & Adidas have been the go to brands for now.

9. Being the first of its kind in Gibraltar, what would you say to future competitors?

The only advice i’d like to give: Make sure your heart and mind are in the same place – actively look to give the community an experience, don’t do it for money. We need culture.

10. What trends would you say is a hit in the streetwear scene currently ?

Neon. If you’re looking to impress your fashion friends on IG get yourself a neon fit.

11. What do you have to say to fans of fashion?

I went through a phase of thinking that fashion was big name brands, and expensive items. Don’t be fooled by IG & the internet. Like most things in life – less is more. Strip back what you think fashion is, and let your personality shine through what you wear. So i think the only bit of advise i could give fashion fans – just be yourself. In your designs, in your styling. Be uniquely you.

12. Where can we find out more about Threads and you guys?

You can follow us on social blades. threads.gi – we’re active on IG!


It’s hard to pinpoint when I first met Demi, I have known her for that long! As most students will tell you, I felt very lost leaving the comforts of University. I had experimented with fashion photography briefly, but I never had the chance to fully explore it. Demi roped me into a fashion show she organized and really threw me into the deep end – I owe a lot to her as an artist. She was one of the first people outside of my course to analyse my work and critique me, which is essential for growing as an artist. We’ve had our fair share of heated conversations, but it’s so impressive to see the drive and passion she has for culture & art as a whole.