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Behind the lens

From portrait to landscape and fashion to parties, this lady caters all aspects in the photography world. She is one of the leading youngest photographers of our current time here in Gibraltar. Her work is always inspiring whatever the story behind it actually is. Finally we get to understand a little more about what Aroa is all about.

1. Did anyone inspire you to start the career, like famous photographers, friends or even a family member?

People inspire me on a daily basis. I find it inspiring how each person’s body language tells me about his/her own personal story. The idea how people (re)act in different social environments is intriguing to me, so, I guess photographing them made me keep this as a record to help my development as an artist. It wasn’t until four years along the line that I became really interested in the art side to photography. Having great photographers like Nick Knight taking contemporary photography to the next level. But locally, photographers such as Figgy Photography always influenced me in my work.

2. What are some things to consider when taking a beauty or fashion snapshot ?

Composition, rule of thirds and making sure all your lines are directed in the right way, is very important
I always look at the eyes of the model. If the subject’s eyes aren’t showing what you want to portray in your image it will never work, in my opinion. You need your model to feel what you want to portray in order to do so. The first thing the viewer is going to do is make eye contact with your image, you want your viewer to feel what you are trying to portray if not the work is lost.

3. Do you have any tips or advise for me and/or future fashion photographer wannabes?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone, it’s the worst thing to do. Simply learn from their work and let them inspire you. Stay true to you and don’t jump on the bandwagon just because its what everyone else is doing. Love what you do.

4. How long have you been a photographer?

Everyone is a photographer nowadays, we have these great cameras built into our phone and can create amazing images that are composed to us with a push of a button. However I have been creating work photographically for about four to five years now.

5. Your photos have a particular quality to them, how would you describe your personal personal style?

 I think my style constantly changes through time, it all depends on what I am interested in that particular time. Although when editing I do like making my images colder than what they actually are as I believe this makes them aesthetically pleasing to the viewer and myself.

6. Are you a self-taught photographer, did you go to college or university, or did you have a mentor?

I am currently studying a Photography BA Hons at University of the Arts London but I have always been very self-driven so I mainly learnt on my own, going out to try out different styles of photography and learning what suited me best through trail and error.  I became a member of Gibraltar Youth Production Team about two years ago where I was exposed to new equipment and creative minds alike. I am forever thankful to Charlene Figueras for pushing me and making me the photographer I am today because I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.

7. Is there something you always ask yourself /think before you press the shutter button?

Yes, a lot of questions go through my head before pressing the shutter. I pay a lot attention to detail.  Those of you who have worked with me can say I can be very picky when a hand or leg isn’t in the right position I want it to be and I always make minor tweaks in order to compose the perfect image. Even though sometimes its not possible.

8. What are the major job duties & responsibilities of a portrait photographer ?

 Making sure your subject is comfortable with how you are trying to portray them. Communication and making sure that everyone is on the same wavelength is key. Being able to bring everyone together and work as a team to create something great makes the final image even more exciting to work towards.

9. Where can we hear more from you or see more of your work?

 I have a website that I tend to update regularly which is www.aroaisabella.com. I opened an Instagram account (@aroaisabellaphotography) just for my photographic work which I haven’t really kept up to date with, however, on my personal one I do post quite a lot of film and things that just generally interest me you can give that a follow @aroaisabella.

Demi and I met through a mutual friend about 3 years ago. Demi has seen me grow as a photographer; we have been able to keep contact through shoots with different photographers and fashion shows throughout the years. Demi is brilliant at what she does, creatively driven and a hands-on girl. In recent shoots, she has been blogging her way through covering local styles. Her blog shows facts and her thoughts about local art, covering travels to art galleries. It is great to see more and more likeminded people coming through Gibraltar that is getting to expand our creative community. – Aroa Isabella Nunez