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Choose Love

When we fall head over heels for the first time in our lives, our worlds change. Birds sing, fireworks go off, everyone around you is happy, and most importantly you simply can’t get enough of what life has to offer you.

Every emotion is new and everything you see is made with the beauty of the love that surrounds you. But what makes us feel so overwhelmed with the discovery of this abundant emotion?

The idea of love? What are we capable of achieving in love without having an ideal goal to amount to?

We have programmed our minds to believe our relationships and intimate moments should be done in a certain way, a way were it fits our complete vision of what we ‘think’ love is. Do we really fall for our lovers as if it were our first time, every time?

I don’t know, but what I can share is; every bit of my heart I have ever given away to those I’ve loved has been a different part of me. So maybe we do experience something new with every lover that crosses our paths, or maybe we are completely new people when we let these lovers back into our shattered hearts.

Be grateful they broke your heart so bad that the cracks were big enough for someone else to enter through them.

Choose to see love in all its forms and embrace the bad with the good as it is worth the wait and every heartbreak. This will strengthen your heart for the best love you have yet to receive.